The cowardly man who would become Serpentico spent his life as a petty thief and grave robber. After escaping from prison and becoming lost in the desert, Serpentico came into possession of a cursed Aztec amulet, decorated with the image of a serpent, which he used to invoke an ancient Snake God, which granted him strength, immortality and the ability to transcend time and space.

With his newfound powers, Serpentico arrived in Mexico City, where he saw a mural of the great Luchadores. Captivated by the images of these warriors, Serpentico chose to test himself against the masked heroes. Taking the name of Serpentico, he used his abilities to become the most dangerous Rudo in all of Lucha Libre.

Frustrated with his inability to defeat the legendary Oráculo, Serpentico fled to a parallel dimension where he could reign unopposed. Knowing that his new world would unavoidably collide with ours in the year 2030, Serpentico began assembling his army. Using the false magic of technology, Serpentico constructed a device that altered mankind’s perception of reality and led the people of Mexico City further away from the traditions and myths of their ancestors that are capable of leading them out of the darkness.