In ancient times, the Gods traveled from beyond the stars and entered into great wars beside the most heroic of men to battle against the forces of darkness and decay. These Gods took the form of men, risking their immortality for the redemption of this world and the restoration of the Universal Order.

One of these Gods was Rey Horus, the son of a mythical Egyptian king, who is said to have appeared from the center of the Sun, taking the form of man with the head of a lion.  Conflict raged on for centuries with generations of heroes fighting under the command of Rey Horus to vanquish the enemy spirits and bring about a new Golden Age.

To show his gratitude to mankind, Rey Horus chose to remain on Earth to continue the eternal combat against the enemies of man. Immortalized by the heroes in their construction of great pyramids across the world, Rey Horus awaits the voice that travels through the Universe and stirs the souls of Gods and Heroes.