Raised by his Grandfather in a small Mexican village, Oráculo experienced terrifying psychic visions of a serpent bringing death and destruction to the world. Recognizing the unusual ability of Oráculo, his Grandfather explained that these visions were of his future and in order to prepare for his inevitable battle with the forces of darkness, he must harness these powers and transform himself into a warrior.

Oráculo was trained by his Grandfather in the art of Lucha Libre and carried forth the legacy of his family by wearing the same gold and silver mask as they had during their careers as Luchadores. As Oráculo put on the mask for the first time, a brilliant white light emanated from the mysterious symbol stitched into the forehead and he felt a powerful energy course through every fiber of his body. ‘As I once was, YOU are now Oráculo! Surrender to the will of the universe! BECOME YOURSELF!’ urged his Grandfather.

Following the disappearance of Serpentico after their last encounter, Oráculo returned to the mountains of his ancestors to prepare for the next collision with his arch rival. As he travels the world in search of Serpentico, Oráculo lives on within the collective unconsciousness of the Mexican people, as his heroic spirit has indelibly become part of them.