The son of a king and a descendent of elite Aztec warriors, Balam survived a brutal upbringing to become the last great ruler of the Aztecs. In his quest for immortality, Balam invoked the Gods through thousands of human sacrifices. Balam’s insatiable appetite for death impressed the Gods and they granted him the ability to take the form of a Jaguar.

Balam’s reign of terror was short-lived, as he was defeated in battle by the evil Luchador, Serpentico, who traveled back in time to conquer Aztec civilization. Serpentico consumed the still-beating heart of Balam, making the Aztec warrior his slave in the afterlife. The bloodthirsty Balam, who took great delight in the agony of mankind, is now doomed to endure the very same fate for eternity.

After suffering a defeat in battle at the hands of Oráculo, an enraged Serpentico ordered Balam to undergo a series of experimental procedures, designed to render the Aztec God invincible through the use of technology. Reborn through Serpentico’s dark science as Mecha-Balam, the once immortal Aztec God exists only as an instrument of destruction, controlled by the nightmarish forces of technology.