Discovered to be a witch and banished from her village, Lechuza vowed to take revenge on the locals responsible for her exile. Under the light of a full moon, Lechuza performed a Black Magic ritual, selling her soul to the devil in exchange for the supernatural powers that would transform her into a horrifying owl-like creature.

Lechuza exacted her revenge on the townspeople by swooping down from the night sky, setting fire to their homes and taking their children. Terrified villagers cowered in fear at the ominous sight of the storm clouds and the sounds of the high-pitched shrieks that signaled the impending attacks of the Owl Witch.

One of the few victims to escape the wrath of Lechuza was Renata Calavera, who fled after witnessing the death of her family. Under the guidance of Oráculo, Renata Calavera created a new life for herself in the world of Lucha Libre. Despite her success as a Luchadora, nightmares still plagued Renata Calavera as she prepared for her inevitable collision with Lechuza.

In his efforts to destroy Oráculo, Serpentico has discovered Renata Calavera’s greatest fear and aligned himself with Lechuza, making her the High Priestess of his Dark Age.